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Hydrogenation systems Turbine cooling systems Food Packaging Systems (On-Line Gas Analysis) Food Packaging Systems (Permeability) Fruit Storage systems - Marine Fruit Storage systems Modified Atmosphere Packaging (Food) Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (Food) Biogas analysis systems - O2, CO2, CH4 Land Fill analysis systems - all measurements Area Monitoring - CO2, CH4 Area Monitoring - O2 Head Space Analysis equipment - inerting (fuel tanks) Metal and heat treating furnace systems Hydrogen generation systems Pressure Swing Absorption Systems PSA's (O2 and / or N2) Fixed Gas Analysers Portable Gas Analysers Solder Reflow Systems Gas Bottle/Cylinder mixing / Filling Systems Double Glazing Gas Filling equipment Combustion Control Ambient Air Monitoring Systems - all measurments Continuous Emissions - O2 only Continuous Emissions - all measurments Source Testing Equipment Portable Emissions Analysers - PID's etc Automotive Test systems - O2 only Automotive Test systems - all other measurements Crematoria - all measurements Fence Line Monitoring Incineration - all measurements Marine Area Monitoring - offshore - O2, CO2 & Flammables Marine Emission Systems Submarine/Submersible Systems Hyperbaric Chambers Scuba / Dive Bottle Filling Professional Dive Control Systems C02 Professional Dive Control Systems O2 Refrigerated Transport Systems Food Storage Control Systems Semiconductor Fabrication Systems (Oxygen PPM) Bioreactors/Systems Culture Growth Systems O2 Culture Growth Systems CO2 Culture Growth Laboratory Incubators O2 Culture Growth Laboratory Incubators CO2 Glove Boxes (inerting) Glove Boxes (O2 control) Cone calorimeters Flammability testing Equipment Oxygen Concentrators Oxygen therapy systems Veterinary Anaesthesia Equipment Animal Metabolic test systems Veterinary Gas Monitoring equipment Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Equipment (PFT Oxygen) Metabolic Testing Equipment Medical Gas Generation Systems Medical Pipeline Testing Equipment Critical Care Ventilators (Military) Critical Care Ventilators - Transport Critical Care Ventilators - ICU High end Neonatal incubators Low end Infant/Neonatal Incubators Anaesthesia Machines Patient Monitoring (Capnography sidestream) Patient Monitoring (Capnography mainstream) Patient Monitoring (Oxygen) Anaesthesia Multigas Modules Cardio Pulmonary Bypass Machines Heart & Lung Machines Medical Industrial Coulometeric (non-depleting) Zirconia Paramagnetic Infrared Oxygen Nitrogen Methane Carbon monoxide Carbon dioxide Argon


Our Comet series of sensors delivers a single source of low-level oxygen measurements, from purity applications to sub-parts-per-million readings.

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MonoExact DF150E

The high-performance coulometric analyser maximizes performance, productivity and profitability through exceptional analogue sensor quality.

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Paracube Micro

Combining Paramagnetic technology with cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques, the Paracube Micro delivers world-leading oxygen sensing in a compact unit.

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Paracube Modus

The world’s first highly vibration-resistant Paramagnetic oxygen sensor, the Modus is designed specifically for intra-hospital transport and transportable analysis markets.

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Paracube Premus-Alpha

The high-performance Premus-Alpha Paramagnetic oxygen sensor maximizes performance, productivity and profitability through exceptional analogue sensor quality.

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Paracube Premus-Delta

A digital oxygen sensor, the Premus-Delta brings the extensive benefits of Paramagnetic oxygen technology directly to industrial OEM manufacturers.

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Paracube Sprint

The world’s smallest fast-response Paramagnetic oxygen sensor, the Sprint can reconstruct and monitor expired oxygen, and is suitable for all breath-by-breath applications.

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The Pm1111E is our compact, fast-response Paramagnetic transducer, optimized for high-accuracy healthcare or industrial oxygen measurements.

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Zirconia Zr700 series

Available in three different models, the Zr700 series of Zirconia sensors provide accurate and fast-response oxygen sensing for industrial and high-purity inert gas applications.

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