Comet series

Stable oxygen sensing, ideal for measurements in pure gas streams

Our Comet series of sensors delivers a single source of low-level oxygen (O2) measurements, from purity applications to sub-parts-per-million (ppm) readings, for OEM customers.

Using high-stability Coulometric technology, they respond rapidly to changing sample conditions or flow rates, making them ideal for upset-prone applications.

Three versions of this RoHS 2 compliant series are available:

  • Comet Certo for O2 measurements in the range 0-10,000ppm
  • Comet Elite for O2 measurements in the range 0-1,000ppm
  • Comet Premus for O2 measurements in the range 0-100ppm

An oxygen sensor for a wide range of measurements

With three models available, each covering a different measurement range, the Comet series offers stable, accurate O2 sensing for purity applications and other applications that require sub-ppm readings.

Perfect for measuring in pure gas streams, typical applications for the Comet include solder reflow ovens, annealing furnaces, glove boxes and gas bottling.

Sensors for industrial, medical and specialist OEM customers

The Comet sensor series offers measurement stability and integration flexibility to an extensive range of applications. Whatever your Market sector, we have the knowledge to guide you to the best solution for the gas sensing you need.

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Our team, working in partnership with yours

Hummingbird’s experts have considerable experience in applying our sensors to a range of processes. We’ll help you integrate our products into your device and collaborate every step of the way to ensure you get the performance you expect.

Powering wave soldering products worldwide

The Comet sensor is an essential component in the range of Electrovert wave soldering solutions provided by ITW.

Features and benefits

With measurement ranges up to 0-10,000ppm, the Comet series offers significant advantages to OEM customers in a variety of markets.

Easy to set up

The Comet series of sensors are factory calibrated, and use Hummingbird’s quick-connect NEKTA protocol for easy integration.

Exceptional stability

Our industry-leading Comet sensors are characterized by ultra-low drift performance, and come with a five-year warranty.

Low cost of ownership

All versions have minimal ongoing maintenance requirements and need only an annual span calibration, reducing costs.

Typical applications

Our sensor products are designed for flexible integration in a wide range of markets. The Comet is frequently used in low O2 measurement applications, including controlled atmosphere glove boxes, controlled atmosphere heat treating, controlled atmosphere furnaces, modified atmosphere packaging systems, gas analyzers, monitors and detectors, gas bottling systems, and food packaging permeability testing.

Measurements, technologies and schematics


149mm x 96.5mm x 106.5mm


500g (transport), 650g (operating)

Measures oxygen

Comet sensors measure O2 at the ranges 0-100ppm, 0-1,000ppm and 0-10,000ppm

Uses Coulometric sensing

With ultra-low drift performance and a fast response in the presence of changeable sample conditions, the Comet is ideal for applications which are prone to upset.


The Comet series complies with RoHS 2 directive 2011/65/EU

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Comet Series Product Brochure

Comet Series Product Brochure

Comet Series Product Brochure

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