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Hummingbird is your expert partner for gas sensing solutions

Whether it’s for industrial or medical applications, guiding your product from conception to completion can be a challenge. We don’t just make cutting-edge gas sensors – we support them. Our expert team understands your world and the issues you face, and will work alongside you to ensure our devices integrate perfectly into yours, functioning exactly how you want it. That’s why we say: our sensors deliver performance in partnership.

A team committed to solving the challenges you face

Dealing with us is easy. We won’t pass you off to a distributor – you’ll always be working with a dedicated expert. Your assigned account manager will always be just a phone call away, supporting you through development, validation, approvals and certification, until your product is ready for market. 

We don’t just know sensing inside out – we also understand the market challenges you face and the regulatory compliances you have to meet. You get our unwavering support, every step of the way. 

Sensor solutions that raise your product to its full potential

Our sensor range is already in use in hundreds of gas-sensing applications around the world – take advantage of our knowledge and experience, as well as the innovative, class-leading products we manufacture. 

During development, we supply one-off sensors or small batches, and when the time comes, we’ll be prepared to fulfil your sensor order at scale and on time. From off-the-shelf sensing to customized solutions that exactly match your requirements, we are ready to bring your product to life. 

We’ve partnered with global customers for decades

Our sensors power devices across the global industrial and medical markets, from critical care ventilators and anaesthesia delivery systems to process gas analysis and continuous emissions monitoring. 

Small-scale enterprises and international conglomerates alike rely on our gas sensing technology to drive their innovations and serve their customers. Download our case studies to find out what we’ve done so far, and how our past experience can help your future projects. 

What does your partnership with Hummingbird involve?

Find out what it means for you and your project when you choose Hummingbird as your partner in OEM sensing


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Our solutions include:

Anesthesia: Fast and accurate measurements of delivered and expired O2

Ventilation and incubation: Gas measurements for critical care ventilators and neonatal incubators

Respiratory monitoring: Multi-component monitoring for pulmonary function and testing

Sports medicine: Compact and accurate breath-by-breath sensing technology

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Our solutions include:

Gas analysis: Measurements for process control, efficiency and safety

Emissions monitoring: Continuous measurements for environmental compliance

Food and drink: Control of O2 and CO2s for the preservation of food

Vehicle emissions: Monitoring of gas emissions from vehicle exhausts

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And beyond...

We’re ready to partner with OEM operators in any sector that requires high-quality gas sensing, with solutions for sports, fitness, diving, research – and anywhere else your innovation takes you.

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