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Hummingbird supports vital healthcare with accurate gas analysis

Medical equipment demands the best technology the industry has to offer. From critical care ventilation to sports performance monitoring, our gas sensors are at the heart of healthcare solutions. Our design innovation overcomes challenges including vibration effects and the need for fast, breath-by-breath analysis. 

Superior performance delivered for a low cost of ownership

Hummingbird redefines gas sensing for our healthcare OEM customers, with products optimized for the demands of the market. Our non-depleting sensor solutions are reliable and long-lasting, enabling our partners to share the significant cost of ownership benefits with their own customers. 

Constant innovation drives our healthcare sensor development

Advances in medical equipment demand smaller, more resilient sensors for greater portability. We have led the world for more than 25 years in the research, design and manufacture of gas sensing technology that meets these needs. Our award-winning innovation delivers the leading-edge solutions that provide accuracy and reliability that meets current and future requirements. 

Operating room equipment

In the operating room, accuracy and speed of response are paramount. Our sensors power anesthesia machines with fast, precise measurements of oxygen, delivering high-performance patient monitoring that’s reliable and long-lasting.

Intensive care units

Whether it’s maintaining a controlled environment for a neonatal incubator, monitoring respiration in critical care ventilators, or delivering accurate gas measurements during intra-hospital transport, we’re here to help. Our range of sensing solutions meet the challenge at every turn. 

Medical gas purity

It’s vital to ensure that the gas used in hospitals is safe and meets regulatory compliances for purity. Our sensors can test gas performance in pipeline and bottle delivery systems, and are used to monitor medical gas production, custody transfer, and final distribution. 

Life sciences and sports medicine

From laboratory applications to cardio-pulmonary exercise equipment, gas sensing plays an essential role. Our products meet the challenge for a diverse range of uses, including veterinary testing and anesthesia systems, as well as elite sports monitoring.

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