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Hummingbird delivers precision and performance in modern industrial processes

Accurate and reliable gas measurements are crucial to many industrial applications. Our sensors deliver the results required, whether it’s for process control, efficiency, safety, or to ensure environmental compliance. We have the sensors you need at the heart of your gas analyzers, systems, and application solutions.

Superior performance developed in partnership with industry

Our sensor technologies have been developed in close collaboration with OEM customers, ensuring they meet the needs of global industries. This enables us to deploy the high-performing, non-depleting technologies best suited to industrial requirements

Optimized for maximum performance with minimum maintenance

Hummingbird sensors are designed for easy integration into an extensive range of industrial products, delivering highly accurate, stable and reliable measurements with low requirements for maintenance and calibration. They offer significant cost benefits to OEMs and the end user alike. 

Process and safety control

Gas analysis is essential in many industrial processes, from power generation applications to petrochemical production. Our sensors operate at the heart of the gas analyzers used in industries around the world, delivering safe and efficient process control that saves on operating costs and reduces pollution.

Emissions monitoring

From plant flue gases to exhaust emissions from engines, gas sensing is key to the monitoring of harmful emissions and unwanted pollutants. Our sensors ensure reliable and stable measurements in continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and vehicles. 

Gas Purity

High-purity industrial gases are required in a wide range of applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, inerting, and the production of many electronics. Our sensors ensure your customers will meet the stringent specifications for gas purity that these applications demand.

Marine-based industry

Industrial deep-sea diving relies on gas analysis to ensure the safety of workers. Marine vapor recovery systems need accurate gas measurements to comply with regulations and avoid fines. Our sensors provide solutions for both these applications and many more in the marine industry.

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