Zirconia Zr700 series

Fast response O2 sensing for industrial and high-purity inert gas applications

Available in three different models, the Zr700 series of Zirconia sensors provide accurate and fast-response measurements in a design that gives exceptionally long service life.
With an excellent response time and recovery from oxygen shock, our modern, inhibited-catalyst Zirconia sensor technology offers a significant reduction in cross-sensitivity to trace combustibles.

Fast, sensitive measurements to suit a wide range of applications

Having a wide sensitivity to oxygen, from trace ppm levels to 100% O2, Zirconia technology exhibits a faster recovery time when exposed to high ppm levels of oxygen in comparison to a wet electrochemical sensor.

Versions for industrial and high-purity gas sensing

The Zr700 series is ideal for a range of applications including combustion control, cardio-pulmonary stress testing and gas purity monitoring, and delivers ultimate measurement reliability and a very fast millisecond response time.

Our team, working in partnership with yours

Hummingbird’s experts have considerable experience in applying our sensors to a range of processes. We’ll help you integrate our products into your device and collaborate every step of the way to ensure you get the performance you expect.

Powering controlled atmosphere glove boxes

Our Zirconia-based Zr700 series provides essential oxygen sensing to the range of isolation and containment glove box systems produced by Cleatech Cleanroom and Laboratory Solutions.

Features and benefits

With three versions available, the Zr700 series provides the benefits of trusted, accurate O2 sensing at a low measurement level for a range of applications.

Fast reponse

Offering a response time ranging from 110 milliseconds to 20 seconds, depending on the model used, the Zr700 series delivers a consistent Nernst output and rapid recovery time from exposure to high oxygen levels.

Long sensor life

Our unique Zirconia cell design ensures an exceptionally long service life, supported by soft-start electronics – reducing the effects of thermal shock – and a range of safety features designed to prolong the lifespan of the sensor.

Compact and robust

The Zr700 series is easy to integrate, and performs reliably in temperatures up to 725oC (1337oF), ensuring it is equally suitable for measurements in hostile industrial environments as well as trace-level sensing in ambient temperatures.

Typical applications

With three models available, the Zr700 series provides a solution for industrial control, combustion, and high-purity inert gas applications, including low O2 measurements in controlled atmosphere glove boxes, controlled atmosphere heat treating, controlled atmosphere furnaces, modified atmosphere packaging systems, gas analyzers, monitors and detectors, gas bottling systems, food packaging permeability testing, combustion excess O2, and nitrogen transfer purity.

Measurements, technologies and schematics


160mm x 100mm x 29mm


270g (including two gas connectors)

Measures oxygen

The Zr700 series measures O2 at percentage and ppm levels.

Uses Zirconia sensing

Our Zirconia technology is highly sensitive to oxygen across a wide measurement range.


When installed in accordance with good engineering design and build standard, the Zr700 series will meet the European standards for EMC.

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3D CAD files available upon request

Zr700 Series Product Brochure

Zr700 Series Product Brochure

Zr700 Series Product Brochure

Zr743 and Zr753 Instruction Manual

Zr743 and Zr753 Instruction Manual

Zr743 and Zr753 Instruction Manual

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