Exceptional performance in analog oxygen sensing

Paracube Premus-Alpha

The high-performance Premus-Alpha Paramagnetic oxygen sensor maximizes performance, productivity and profitability through exceptional analog sensor quality.

Completed by enhanced product specifications including a replaceable sample cell and a corrosion-resistant non-epoxy construction the Paracube Premus-Alpha is a superior choice for oxygen sensing in industrial applications.

An accurate, long-life alternative to traditional sensor technologies

Delivering an accurate, stable and selective oxygen measurement, our Paramagnetic cell offers a non-depleting, long-life, low-maintenance option when compared to traditional depleting electrochemical technologies.

Rugged, analog oxygen sensing designed for industrial markets

With RoHS certification future-proofed against changes in environmental legislation for OEM design, the Premus-Alpha offers impressive, reliable performance and long-term cost-of-ownership benefits for a wide range of industrial applications.

Our team, working in partnership with yours

Hummingbird’s experts have considerable experience in applying our sensors to a range of processes. We’ll help you integrate our products into your device and collaborate every step of the way to ensure you get the performance you expect.

Powering packaging solutions

BW Flexible Systems knows it can depend on the Premus-Alpha for oxygen sensing functions in its range of bag sealing machines.

Features and benefits

The Premus-Alpha offers industrial OEM customers significant benefits from analog Paramagnetic oxygen technology.

Exceptional sensing

The analog Paramagnetic sensing used by the Premus-Alpha is specific to oxygen, delivering an accurate, stable measurement and continuous high performance.

Low cost of ownership

Non-depleting Paramagnetic sensing makes the Premus-Alpha a long-life, low-maintenance alternative to traditional electrochemical technologies that deplete over time.

Robust design

The Premus-Alpha has intrinsically safe component certification and a corrosion-resistant, non-epoxy construction, making it ideal for integration into devices where safety is a prime consideration.

Typical applications

An effective analog solution for percent level oxygen measurement, the Premus-Alpha is used in a range of industrial applications, including continuous emissions monitoring, biogas monitoring, gas analyzers, food packaging, combustion gas analysis, automotive exhaust analysis, oxidation reaction processes, cryogenic air separation, pressure swing absorber air separation, flare and vent safety, and tank blanketing.

Measurements, technologies and schematics


80mm x 85mm x 55mm



Measures oxygen

The Premus-Alpha measures the full percentage range for O2 of 0-100%.

Uses Paramagnetic sensing

Hummingbird’s advanced non-depleting Paramagnetic cell provides industry-leading levels of linearity, accuracy and reliability.


Compliant with RoHS 2 directive 2011/65/EU, the Premus-Alpha also has intrinsically safe component certification.

Downloads available for this product

3D CAD files available upon request

Paracube® Zero Offset Correction and Pressure Compensation

Paracube® Zero Offset Correction and Pressure Compensation

Paracube® Zero Offset Correction and Pressure Compensation

Paracube Premus-Alpha Product Brochure

Paracube Premus-Alpha Product Brochure

Paracube Premus-Alpha Product Brochure

Paracube Premus-Alpha Instruction Manual

Paracube Premus-Alpha Instruction Manual

Paracube Premus-Alpha Instruction Manual

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