Compact oxygen sensing for industrial and medical use


The Pm1111E is our compact, fast-response transducer, optimized for healthcare or industrial oxygen measurements. Using Hummingbird’s Magnetodynamic Paramagnetic oxygen cell, the Pm1111E delivers high accuracy, a long operating life and minimal calibration requirements.

Robust oxygen sensing ready to integrate into your device

Manufactured to the highest quality standards in our ISO 9001 accredited facility, the Pm1111E’s robust design meets international shock and vibration standards, making it suitable for integration into a range of devices.

A choice of variants to meet medical and industrial needs

The Pm1111E is available in two variants: a healthcare version which delivers a fast response for expired oxygen measurement, and an industrial version that is engineered for high chemical resistance.

Our team, working in partnership with yours

Hummingbird’s experts have considerable experience in applying our sensors to a range of processes. We’ll help you integrate our products into your device and collaborate every step of the way to ensure you get the performance you expect.

Powering animal health and behavior research

The Pm1111E adds oxygen analysis functions to a wide range of research products developed by Columbus Instruments.

Features and benefits

The Pm111E module offers significant benefits for oxygen sensing in a range of applications.

Low cost of ownership

The non-depleting Paramagnetic technology means zero ongoing costs, while daily calibration is eliminated due to outstanding measurement quality.

Flexible integration

With variants for healthcare and industrial use, the Pm1111E also offers a choice of digital or analog output, and complies with international standards for shock and vibration.

Accurate and reliable

Hummingbird’s proven Paramagnetic sensing technology delivers excellent linearity and stability, ensuring precision oxygen measurements in the 0-100% range.

Typical applications

Available in versions for both healthcare and industrial use, the Pm1111E is suitable for a wide range of applications including metabolic rate analysis systems for animal research, pressure swing oxygen concentrators, continuous emissions monitoring, flammability testing cone calorimeters, anesthesia gas modules, cardio-pulmonary exercise testing, and O2 measurement of expired breath.

Measurements, technologies and schematics


Healthcare version: 54mm x 54mm x 56mm.

Industrial version: 54mm x 54mm x 63mm



Measures oxygen

The Pm1111E measures O2 in the range 0-100%

Uses Paramagnetic sensing

The advanced non-depleting Paramagnetic sensor delivers industry-leading levels of linearity, accuracy and reliability.


The Pm1111E meets the requirements of BS EN 60068-2-6:1996 (IEC 68-2-6), BS EN 60068-2-27:1993 (IEC 68-2-27) and IEC 68-2-34.

Downloads available for this product

3D CAD files available upon request

Pm1111E Product Brochure

Pm1111E Product Brochure

Pm1111E Product Brochure

Pm1111E Instruction Manual

Pm1111E Instruction Manual

Pm1111E Instruction Manual

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