Zr753 Zirconia oxygen sensor

Long-life Zirconia sensor for fast-response, trace ppm measurements of oxygen

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Suitable for gas measurements involving:



Class-leading features


  • Very fast response for oxygen analysis
  • Consistent Nernst output
  • Compact and robust design
  • ‘Soft-start’ electronics and safety features prolong sensor life
  • ‘Constant power’ circuit allows use of unstabilized supply voltage
  • ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility
  • NEKTA linearized digital output



Breakthrough Technology


Hummingbird’s unique Zirconia cell provides an accurate and fast response measurement in a design that gives an exceptionally long service life. With an excellent response time and recovery from oxygen shock, Hummingbird’s modern, inhibited-catalyst Zirconia sensor technology offers a significant reduction in cross-sensitivity to trace combustibles.


Having a wide sensitivity to oxygen, from trace ppm levels to 100% O2, Zirconia technology exhibits a faster recovery time when exposed to high ppm levels of oxygen in comparison to a wet electrochemical sensor.


The Zr753 is designed for high-purity inert gas applications.



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Typical Applications

  • Industrial control
  • High purity inert gas applications
  • Combustion control

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