Pm1111E fast-response oxygen transducer

Compact, fast-response Paramagnetic sensor for healthcare or industrial oxygen measurements

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Suitable for gas measurements involving:


Class-leading features

  • Healthcare version: fast response for expired oxygen measurement
  • Industrial version: high chemical resistance for industrial applications
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Long operating and shelf life
  • Infrequent calibration requirement
  • Meets international shock and vibration standards
  • ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility

Breakthrough Technology


The Pm1111E is Hummingbird’s compact, fast-response transducer, optimized for healthcare or industrial oxygen measurements. Utilizing Hummingbird’s Magneto-dynamic Paramagnetic oxygen cell, the Pm1111E delivers high accuracy, a long operating life and minimal calibration requirements.


Manufactured to the highest quality standards in Hummingbird’s ISO 9001 accredited facility, the Pm1111E’s robust design meets international shock and vibration standards, making it suitable for integration into a range of devices.


The Pm1111E is available in two variants a healthcare version which delivers a fast response for expired oxygen measurement, and an industrial version that is engineered for high chemical resistance.


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Typical Applications

  • Anesthesia gas modules
  • Lung function testing
  • Cardio pulmonary function testing
  • Patient monitoring
  • Other life and safety critical applications


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