Paracube Sprint oxygen sensor

The world’s smallest fast-response Paramagnetic oxygen sensor

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Suitable for gas measurements involving:


Class-leading features

  • Fast Response (suitable for respired oxygen measurement)
  • Ultra-compact design: 43.3mm(l) x 30mm(w) x 33.5mm(h)
  • Non-consumable design, meaning zero cost of ownership
  • Highly selective and stable measurement
  • Digital signal outputs
  • Meets international shock and vibration standards
  • ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility

Breakthrough Technology

A major breakthrough in medical oxygen monitoring technology, the Paracube Sprint is the world’s smallest fast-response Paramagnetic oxygen sensor, measuring just 43.3mm(l) x 30mm(w) x 33.5mm(h).

Developed by Hummingbird to address the form factor issues that affect the design of end-user healthcare equipment, leading-edge manufacturing techniques have transferred the exceptional benefits of Paramagnetic oxygen sensing into an ultra-compact housing, immediately solving the considerable problems healthcare manufacturers face in integrating reliable sensing technology into limited space.

Fast enough to reconstruct and monitor expired oxygen, enabling clinical decisions to be taken, the Sprint is suitable for all breath-by-breath applications. This fast and reliable response, combined with unrivaled performance and compact size, makes the Sprint the ideal oxygen sensor for use in anesthesia, pulmonary function testing and other life critical healthcare applications.

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Typical Applications

  • Cardio-pulmonary function testing
  • Other life and safety critical applications
  • Anesthesia gas modules
  • Patient monitoring

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