Paracube Premus-Delta oxygen sensor

A high-performing digital Paramagnetic oxygen sensor in a rugged package

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Suitable for gas measurements involving:


Class-leading features

  • Specific to oxygen
  • Excellent linearity and accuracy
  • Superior long-term stability
  • Long life with high reliability
  • Low signal noise
  • Error codes which enable fast troubleshooting
  • ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility

Breakthrough Technology

A high-performance, digital Paramagnetic oxygen sensor, the Paracube Premus-Delta offers the extensive benefits of Paramagnetic oxygen technology directly to industrial OEM manufacturers.

Delivering an accurate, stable and selective oxygen measurement, Hummingbird’s Paramagnetic cell offers a non-depleting, long-life, low-maintenance alternative to traditional depleting electrochemical technologies.

With enhanced intrinsically safe component certification, enabling it to be integrated into a wide range of devices where safety is paramount, the Paracube Premus-Delta is suitable for use in a range of industrial processes, including Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), vehicle emissions testing and calorimetry applications.

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