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The world’s leading industrial and healthcare device manufacturers rely on Hummingbird Sensing Technology. Optimized for easy integration through cutting-edge production techniques, Hummingbird makes reliable gas sensing easy. Our innovative technologies offer consistently superior performance and exceptional reliability – enabling OEM partners to bring substantive cost of ownership benefits to their customers.

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More application notes focusing on Hummingbird’s sensing technology are now available for download. The latest set includes a reliability report on the Micro and Modus sensors, plus a report on the reliability of all Paramagnetic transducers. As well as this, learn... read more

Download our NEW Paracube Micro application notes

Learn more about our Paracube Micro oxygen sensor with a series of application notes exploring the technology and performance of this cutting edge, compact device. The first four downloads for the Paracube Micro cover zero drift issues, the principles behind... read more

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Showcasing all of our sensor range, in-depth information into the markets we work with and the technology we use to create leading-edge gas sensor technologies, the new website is full of information to help you to find the perfect sensor for your device. The website... read more

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