Fast, ultra-compact carbon dioxide sensing with stable measurements


Created using the latest design techniques, the Ir3107 uses our advanced Infrared (IR) technology to deliver a high-stability, selective measurement for percentage-level carbon dioxide (CO2).

Available in cased or uncased versions, it is designed to integrate into OEM devices using the minimum possible footprint.

The Ir3107 is RoHS 2 compliant, and uses single-beam, single-wavelength IR sensing for an accurate, selective measurement of CO2.

A CO2 sensor module that’s easy to integrate into your device

Measuring CO2 in the 0-10% range, the Ir3107 is ultra-compact, so it fits into the smallest possible footprint – and is also available uncased. OEM designers looking for precision, non-contact CO2 sensing that’s easy to integrate will find significant advantages in using this sensor for their application.

A solution for industrial, medical and specialist OEM customers

With precision, non-depleting IR technology and high selectivity for CO2, the Ir3107 is ideal for OEM customers searching for a compact sensor to fit their device. Our expert team will provide all the assistance you need to successfully integrate the module into your project, whatever the application.

Our team, working in partnership with yours

Hummingbird’s experts have considerable experience in applying our sensors to a range of processes. We’ll help you integrate our products into your device and collaborate every step of the way to ensure you get the performance you expect.

Powering gas analysis solutions

The Ir3107 sensor is used in Gas Data’s Click! System to analyze a range of gases from multiple points on a single site.

Features and benefits

The Ir3107’s Infrared technology is fast and stable, making it ideal for medical applications and rapidly changing industrial processes.

Very fast response

With a digital output and reliable Infrared technology, the Ir3107 responds in less than 100ms at a 100ml/min flow rate.

High reliability

Hummingbird’s advanced Infrared transducer uses single-beam, single-wavelength photometric technology, for a highly stable, selective, non-contact measurement.

Ultra-compact footprint

Benefitting from the latest techniques in design, the Ir3107 can be supplied either cased or uncased, and is ready to fit compactly into OEM equipment while taking up minimal space.

Typical applications

Measuring CO2 from 0-10%, the Ir3107 is ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including continuous emissions monitors, syngas production, biogas monitoring, modified atmosphere heat treat, gas analyzers, gas bottling, food packaging, combustion gas analysis, and automotive exhaust analysis, CO2 measurement of expired breath, cardio pulmonary exercise testing, and fruit/food storage.

Measurements, technologies and schematics


38mm x 30mm x 65mm



Measures carbon dioxide

The Ir3107 measures CO2 concentration in the range 0-10%

Uses Infrared technology

Single-beam, single-wavelength photometric technology is at the heart of the Ir3107’s accurate, non-depleting sensing.


Built in our ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility, the Ir3107 is compliant with RoHS 2 directive 2011/65/EU. When installed in accordance with good engineering design and build standard, the product will meet European standards for EMC.

Downloads available for this product

3D CAD files available upon request

Ir3107 Product Brochure

Ir3107 Product Brochure

Ir3107 Product Brochure

Ir3107 Instruction Manual

Ir3107 Instruction Manual

Ir3107 Instruction Manual

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