TruRef TCD sensor

Class leading thermal conductivity measurement for uncompromised performance

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Suitable for binary gas measurements involving:


Class-leading features

  • First true, isolated thermal conductivity measurement – independent of thermal mass
  • Eliminates errors due to changing sample conditions by co-locating the reference and measure elements
  • Excellent linearity and accuracy
  • Low installation and operating cost
  • Uses Hummingbird’s Nekta quick connect standard for easy integration
  • RoHS II directive 2011/65/EU compliant
  • Built in ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing facility

Breakthrough Technology

Hummingbird’s innovative TruRef digital Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) sensor module provides the world’s first true measurement of thermal conductivity, ensuring unrivalled accuracy. It offers stable, reliable results for a range of binary mixtures, including nitrogen, helium, hydrogen and argon.

By co-locating the reference and measure elements under isothermal conditions in the sample gas, this patented measurement principle effectively eliminates errors caused by changing sample conditions such as pressure and flow rate, making the sensor ideal for purity and process control applications.

Fully enabled by Hummingbird’s advanced Nekta communications protocol, the TruRef easily integrates into OEM projects, and is fully 
RoHS II compliant.

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Class leading accuracy

The TruRef TCD sensor offers Hummingbird’s class leading accuracy, stability, linearity and repeatability for the OEM manufacturer.

True thermal conductivity

Unlike Katharometers the unique true thermal conductivity 
measurement means the effects of sample pressure and flow rate 
are effectively eliminated.

Extended calibration intervals

Eliminates the needs for daily calibration

NEKTA enabled

Like all our digital sensors, the TruRef TCD sensor is fully Nekta enabled as well as ROHS 2 compliant.

Typical Applications

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  • app-laboratory-work
  • app-online-process

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